Friday, July 8, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #274

OMG!! It has been a while since I didn't did this weekly challenge!! Maybe it's because I live in my mother in law's basement? Haha....

During this time something happened: 1. We bought the new house and will move in next week; 2. I got my Canadian permanent resident card finally; 3. Last weekend I was in Providence for the CZT seminar#25!!!

I registered CZT seminar #25 after my third Zentangle class, because that time I, who can write wonderful articles but never drew anything since left school, truly believe that I am a genius at painting.
For sometimes I did well.I drew everyday and anytime, wrote a blog about it, been part of a Zentangle exhibit, and shared with my friends. However, some of the unspoken rules of Taiwanese Zentangle market(?) and my personal big moving (from Taipei to my hometown to Toronto) slowly killed my passion. So when I was Providence, I didn't feel any excited in particular way.

(But maybe I was just busied myself understanding English.)

However, tangling as a part of my life, I was really happy to get an opportunity to meet and to understand Rick and Maria. There are so many papular things in the world, and how many inventors of them you can meet?

Moreover, this is also a joviality (and spending money? ) trip and seminar. I like it! If anyone love tangling and doesn't meet Rick, Maria, and Molly, I'll say, joining the classes are worth.

Came back the challenge. Laura let us show our countries colors and create a tile inspired by the country where you live! I thought there are many Canadian maple leafs already, so I came back my original country, Taiwan, to find the idea. Because there are typhoon in Taiwan right now, so the pattern of red part tried to show this news.

Our flag's colors are with blue which represents sky, white which represents sun, and red which represents earth. I used Zendala to show them. However, if I don't be careful, I might drew a picture just like the flag of the Party which I really hate. :p

How do you guys think about it? 

By the way, I run my Facebook fans page again to communicate with the new friends after CZT seminar, but I must say, I still love running a blog, which let me feel I am a serious creator.

Following tiles are my works in the CZT seminar#25. 









  1. Beautiful work! Love it!
    Congratulations! & all the best in your new home!

  2. Congratulation on being a CZT!!!!! And succes with the move to your new house I hope you will be very happy there.

  3. Welcome to CZT-dom and to North America. And, congratulations on your impending move out of the basement. There seems to something about Asian island countries and an affinity for Zentangle---I think there are more tanglers per capita in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore than any where else in the world. Your Zendala is beautiful and I totally understand why you didn't like your other composition because it looked to much like the flag of a political party you despise. As a United States citizen, I've been awash in uncomfortable politics for many months now.