Saturday, April 23, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #264

A lot things have happened in 7 days.

Toronto gave me one week beautiful wether, that's all! Now it's getting cold again. After arriving, I already did a lot for setting up my life in Canada. It's not just that I could tangle in these days, I had to tangle just to fight off my jet lag.

Seeing my zentangle box reminded me I will go to Providence......I am quite excited, but also worried that I always take too long to finish my tile. As a result, this week I did some  "quick tangling" practice...... I know the one of the methods of zentangle is "come down," but we can't spend all day on one tile, right?

The fact is when I draw quickly with out too thinking too much, I feel a bit closer to meditation status......or maybe I just fall asleep?

Here is my weekly tile. Laura let us create a spring-like string. I confess I don't know what this means exactly, haha. Anyway, to me the spring must have a DIVA DANCE and HENNA DRUM.

Then there are some tiles from my quick tangling. They all took me around 25 minutes on average.


倒是為了對抗時差,呈現一種禪繞小宇宙爆發的狀態。噯,其實也沒這麼多啦!這星期的挑戰是一個看不太明白題目的挑戰,不過看其他人的作品,可能是和連續曲線和春天有關,既然如此,我只好又請出DIVA DANCEHENNA DRUM,真是百畫不厭。其實只是懶得學新圖。



  1. Wow, these are beautiful tiles. To be honest, I think 25 minutes is not much. It usually takes me an hour (or more) to create a tile.

  2. I think you do very well to achieve so much detail in the time, especially because your drawing is so precise. It's all lovely work. I hope you will continue to be happy in your new life.

  3. Just love your spring string!@