Friday, March 18, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #259

Zac, my husband said: "If you don't drink alcohol, you'll never understand what Saint Patrick's Day is. " Yes, I don't drink alcohol, even though I lived in Berlin for 7 years, the city with the most beer-drinkers on the street. And yes , I couldn't get in the spirit for Saint Patrick's Day, even thou there were a lot "green" celebrations in Berlin around this season.

I tried using 2 different green pans to finish this weekly challenge. I used heart......something (I forgot the name of this pattern) to be the shamrock, but the result is not so obvious.

The weekly confession is: I skipped last weekly challenge again. This time the reason is I got little bit tired of tangling. So I just drew on some Bijous to keep practicing the basic patterns and didn't finish any tile. 

Today I got my new hand-made shoes! They are made by a small factory with traditional skill. Before the Made in China took over the world, Taiwanese shoes were one of the most important exports for Taiwan's economy. They look awesome,don't they? 







  1. Beautiful Tile and I really really Love the shoes!

  2. Great tile, and you did the right thing to make shamrocks. We were always taught to draw heart shapes with the point together, so I knew straight away they were your shamrocks. Yes there is a lot of drinking goes on almost the men on Paddy's Day here in Ireland, but apart from that the main thing for most people is the Parade. There is a parade in a lot of little places like my village as well as a huge Parade in Dublin.
    I love your shoes, beautiful colours, they look nice and soft to wear. I think it is a good thing to take a break from tangling if that is how you feel otherwise it will just become a big chore and you might never come back to it and that would be such a shame.

  3. Wow, I love your tile and the shoes!!!

  4. Great tiles and beautiful shoes. My son lives in Taipei and when we went to visit him we had a dress shirt made for my husband. Such fantastic fabric and fits like it was made for him ;)