Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #254 (and #253)

How many Valentine’s Days are there in one year? If you ask a young Taiwanese boy, the answer will probably be “four ,” at least two.

In addition to “Western Valentine’s Day,” which is on February 14th as we all know, there is another Valentine’s Day in Taiwan, which is on July 7th of the Chinese traditional lunar calendar and named “Qi Xi”(七夕, meaning the night of July 7th). This Valentine’s Day came from ancient love folklore: a common guy, Cowherd, from the countryside and the youngest daughter of the Sky Emperor, a weaver, fell in love, and then the Sky Emperor and Queen were very angry. The Sky Emperor let the weaver come back to the sky and the cowherd chased her. When the cowherd almost caught the weaver, the Queen drew down a river (Galaxy) between the cowherd and the weaver which would separate them forever. However, the weaver was so sad, so the Sky Emperor couldn’t bear it and allowed them to meet one time every year. The cowherd and the weaver meet each other on the Magpie Bridge. That is the story and in the modern Taiwan that day is second Valentine’s Day.

What is third or forth Valentine’s Day? According to Japanese drama, every March 14th is “White Valentine’s Day.” On February 14th, girls send gifts to their lovers or the boys whom they like, and after one month those boys will send gifts back to the girls if they also like them. This tradition was only in Japanese drama and cartoons, but somehow became a new tradition in the real world. The last one is on Christmas Eve or Christmas—I know this is really strange for your guys. Normally Christmas only has meaning to the Christians in Taiwan. However, after some deft speculation by the businessmen, if you don’t do the same romantic dinner of Valentine’s Day on Christmas, you are not a good boyfriend  :p

Well, going through these years of “Valentine’s Day bombing”, only very few women still have a good mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day after they got married, HAHAHA……, because a Valentine means you couldn’t find a place for dinner(most Taiwanese eat dinner outside because it's convenient and the food is really cheap).

To me it's the same. But when I saw the Laura's weekly challenge, it was Monday, which is the day of OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY!! So I am enjoyed this “pink heart tangling.”

It works only when different sides.
I skipped the last challenge because I just came back from my long honeymoon and had to do a dental surgery, then Chinese New Year came. As you guys know, Maria and Rick found this new pattern, Molygon, which is very similar to “Jiaobei” in any temple in Taiwan. Today is Sky Emperor’s birthday, so going to his temple and asking a wish for new year with Jiaobei are just on time. I drew one tile for praying for the people who are still buried under the fallen houses because of the 6.4-earthquake that happened 5 days ago.






2016.03.10,新年快樂,Happy Lunar New Year.


  1. How very interesting, and I love the Taiwanese folklore behind it. I don't think there is a reason why we have Valentine's Day on the 14th but as a lot of our celebrations are superimposed on previous Celtic festivals perhaps there is a reason. I will go and look it up and will let you know

    Beautiful heart tile, which is good as you of all people should have a really nice one with just being back from your honeymoon. Your Molygon tile is also beautifully drawn and I love the characters drawn in one section of it, somehow they seem to fit really well with the tangles and yet gives the tile a special Taiwanese aspect to it. Yes we were horrified to hear about the earthquake and the diaster too, how marvellous that so many people were actually found afterwards and rescued.

    1. I'm back, I discovered Valentine's Day celebrates an early Roman Saint - Valentine. Briefly he was imprisoned for marrying soldiers who were not permitted to marry. So not such a great story as yours, but still there is a reason for it.

  2. Beautiful tile and thanks for the education! I think all of those Valentine's Days would wear me out!

  3. Thanks for sharing the facts about Valentines day. Yes, another horrible earthquake that did cost many lives and brought so much sadness.
    In your post these two sides of life are so clear again.

  4. Thank you for this interesting post!
    Your zendala is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Very interesting post and lovely Zendala.