Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #252

I always like this subject: using a tangle as your string and then tangling inside. This is the weekly challenge. I love using Mooka, so here is. I learned how to Zentangle 6 months ago. When I just started, I liked to study all patterns, but more recently I haven’t learned any new patterns for 2 months. Sometimes I feel my tangling already stagnated, but maybe I’d just rather vary the same patterns than learn a new one?

*About my honeymoon in Japan.

Thank you your guys’ blessing last week. I am still on my honeymoon.

For a Taiwanese person, Japan is a place you can go for a weekend-tour, so when we told our friends that we will go to Japan for our honeymoon, all of them were really surprised—especially since my husband and I are well travelled, and they expect we would go to some “special place”(to Taiwanese, maybe North Africa or South America), at least in Europe. However, for us the long term flights already made us feel sick, and also before I officially immigrate to Canada, a trip with real Japanese food is very important, haha……

We chose Shikoku, a big island with four provinces near Japan’s inland sea, where less tourists come to. I must say, Shikoku is a good place for adventuring but not for a honeymoon, especially in the winter. Shikoku is a rural area, even the main cities of those provinces. Most young people will run out of Shikoku and it can leave the island looking a bit hopeless at times. There is wonderful scenery here, but in the winter public transportation is inconvenient. Sometimes it even stops completely! We had to give up a lot plans because of that. However, till now we still did some funny stuff.

1. Visiting an abandoned village.

We went to the center of the Shikoku to visit an ancient street. This place is located far away from the closest train station, which itself is a small station. It was a busy business street around the 18th century because of blue-dyeing drapery. This street is charming but we must walk thought a very long bridge and embankment. When we were walking, we thought we’d never get there:

2. Climbing 875 stairs to see a Shinto shrine, Kotohira-gu.

I don’t want to think about those stairs again! Anyways we did it! I got a “Shuin” there, of course. This is something else to collect if you visit a Shinto shrine or a Buddhist temple in Japan:
Starting with faith......
Are we there??!!
No! so keep going!!
wow! old building, I think I am here now.......
of cause not! more stairs! 

3. Insane biking tour that ended in failure. 

Before I went to Shikoku, I always wanted to see Shimanto-gawa River, so I ignored the truth that we must take 5 hours of trains to go there and come back. That day was so cold, but it was still a bit sunny when we got off the train. We rented bikes and began our adventure with excitement. However we didn’t think about the river water being so low in winter…… so, we didn’t see the view what we expected. Also again, we didn’t really see anyone on the entire bike ride. The worse thing was, when we rode to the bridge, it snowed! Then everything around us became totally white. We couldn’t see anything. We almost made it to the bridge, but we had to give up because I thought we might die up there on the mountain:

4. Collecting the “special- postmarks” of different post offices.

Japan Post is very serious about running their business. There are not only special shaped post cards for every different province, which you can only buy in the local post offices, but also special postmark with local staples, famous people or scenery for the people who are fascinated by all things postage like me. Every night I find out which nearby post office has the special postmark and then I mark them down on the city map. Here you can see my collection. I am grateful my husband didn’t complain about my habit at all, even though this means a long (cold) walk all day:





  1. What amazing adventures you are having in your honeymoon. It was great to see everything in the photo's. That photo of you cycling in the snow - poor you, it must have been scary. One thing is sure, you will never forget your honeymoon and will have plenty of stories to tell your children when you are older. I loved the ancient streets.

    Your tile is lovely, so 3D with the shading and meticulous drawing. I don't think it matters about finding new tangles if you are happy doing what you do. It is the process that counts and anyway in my opinion a lot of the new tangles are just slight variations of old tangles. I use the Zentangle originals more than anything, just enjoy yourself.

  2. 有有有,有中文讀者,舉手!!!!

  3. Wow. Your response to the Diva's challenge using Mooka as your string is gorgeous. Your new husband must be a very patient man. ;-) I love the photos from your honeymoon. It reminds me a little of our honeymoon to Peru in 1982: the Falklands War started, several provinces were closed because of attacks by the Shining Path Maoist revolutionary guerrilla group--and our airline went bankrupt in the middle of the trip, but it is still one of our most favorite trips. I think you'll laugh and also look back fondly on your honeymoon travails. Congratulations on your wedding. Here's our honeymoon story: http://www.boomeresque.com/our-peruvian-honeymoon-1982/

  4. Your tile is beautiful and, like the first comment said, it's about the process, not the result. I myself use the 'old' tangles all the time and only now and then a new one.
    Thanks for sharing those photo's and your story with us. For me (from The Netherlands) Japan is so amazing and such a different world. Love reading about it.

  5. Love your tile. You have achieved such depth with the shading. Thank you also for sharing your honeymoon journey and photos.

  6. Your tile is beautiful! Love seeing your photos from the Honeymoon. It brought back so many fond memories of my trip to Japan. I love my temple book that has all the calligraphy from the different temples that I visited, and I also went around to the different post offices and collected what Stamps that I could. So fun. Have a great time.

  7. Your tile is just lovely. Thanks for sharing the exciting pictures of your honeymoon, brave biking in the winter!