Friday, January 15, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #250

Recently, some friends asked me to share some tangling tips with them. It makes me think about if I become a CZT –and I hope to in June—how should I prepare my class? So I looked back at some patterns that I already learned, and practiced them over and over again. I am so happy to see this weekly challenge is back old school.

Here are 2 of my tiles for challenge: because I made some mistakes and blackened the background, after finishing the first one I found this is not old school anymore, so I drew second with Linda's string 188.

Patterns: Mooka, Ahh and Nymph

Patterns: Drupe, IX, Cubine,Fassett, Poke Root, Onamato

Thank you for coming and any feedback is welcomed!!

*About Tomorrow’s Election

Tomorrow there is a big election in Taiwan! It will be very important for Taiwan, not only because this is an election of the president and members of congress but also because this will be a choice between two different kinds of national definitions: would Taiwanese like to be closer to China in the future or not? I don’t want to, and I guess most of Taiwanese don’t want to. So tomorrow will be a big days for us. We will very likely have a female president, who will be less close with China than our current president.

Since the first of January, I also started my “tangle a day”. I find that is not easy for me. Not because I can tangle every day, but because I want to spend more time on a real tile rather than a diary. I hope I can keep going. 






  1. Two lovely tiles, and it looks like you are doing well with your tangle a day calendar. I have done a couple of years and to be honest didn't keep up real well. I finally used it to learn new tangles in, and experiment, and then just added the date that I really added it to the book, next to the tangle. Finally filled them and they are fun to look back at.

  2. Both of your tiles are really beautifull

  3. Your two tiles are stunning!!! I hope the election will go as you want it to.

  4. Both are tiles are wonderful! Great choice of tangles!

  5. Wonderful tiles. The second one is my favorite.

  6. Great tiles and response to the diva's challenge. I like the way you block the bottom parts of the Pokeroot. I must go and google the result of your election, I hope you got your wish.