Saturday, January 9, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #249

Happy late New Year!

After a crazy Christmas season, I flew from Toronto back to Taiwan on Boxing Day night. It was a different kind of crazy in Taipei. Since I sold my home in Taipei, this time I stayed in Taipei for 10 days and had to meet all of my friends. The good news was that since I came back Taiwan, my inspiration for tangling came back too. I tried to draw some tiles between the different meetings every day.

I am in Pingtung, the southernmost city of Taiwan where I originally came from, right now. It is very peaceful here; a good place to start a new challenge for a new year.

For me it is amazing: Laura’s weekly challenge is already 5 years old! As a relative new participant, I feel 5 years is forever :p Laura said that this week is “only” for Diva Dance and Auraknot, which means the weekly challenge is a DuoTangle - a term coined here at the Diva Challenge that refers to a tile that is created with ONLY TWO tangles and their tanglations.

It’s interesting, because I just helped my friend, who had class with some CZTs for a while but wanted to learn more patterns, these two patterns. That's how I got this tile. I drew the single pattern on the tile, or Bijou, to show her. I am not CZT right now, but I hope to become one in June LOL

Diva Dance is one of my favorite patterns, especially when it is on the Renaissance tile. I hope you all like it.




本週挑戰是DuoTangle,一種流傳在這個挑戰的專有術語,意思是用兩個指定圖樣畫,只有這兩個!除了基本五元素外,任何具象的圖樣都不加,說來也厲害,即使如此,大家還是畫出各種不同的作品,真是太神秘了。本週挑戰指定的是Diva Dance(因為主辦人的部落格名稱為”I am Diva”)和Auraknot(和主辦人名字Laura押韻),還真剛好,都是最近在畫的。

本來想拿為了準備教Betty而畫的單板圖樣充數,因為越晚發表一般也就沒人看了……我果然還是個愛慕虛榮的人。後來想想,反正我都這麼遲了,還是畫幅新作吧,於是拿出茶磚,是的,我個人以為Diva Dance最適合在茶磚上用棕色筆表現。




  1. I find your drawing very nice, special, original and beautiful colors

  2. Gordgeous! I love both of your pictures. In the first tile, I love the colour combination and the two tiles on the second are such a nice combination! I hope that your inspiration for tangling came back to stay with you. :-)

  3. Both tiles are so great that I just couldn't say which one I like best.

  4. Both are very pretty, but I especially like the one with colour