Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Diva's Weekly Challenge #244

After 19 hours of flying, I am in Toronto. Even though I have already been on 15 airplanes this year, the long flight between Taipei and Toronto still kills me. However, I don’t want skip the challenge this week. It’s not because I love Tripoli, it’s because Tripoli let me think about some stories.

Even Rick and Maria told us how they found Tripoli, but “Tripoli” has a totally different meaning as a Zentangle pattern. Tripoli is also the capital and the biggest city of Libya. The day before I flew, there were terrorist attacks in Paris, and it made me think about Libya. I think that the Battle of Tripoli in 2011 got France more involved in the modern Middle East issue deeper than any time before. I don’t want take too serious here, but it just came to mind.

I drew this tile with Tripoli and Paris which by Ina Sonnenmoser to remember this tragedy and other tragedies. The world is not gonna be better and wars are never ending. However, we can try to do something to give life more beautiful meaning, as always.

Thank you for reading this heavy text. My tile is actually not like I planned it, just like every time. For me, trying to draw this pattern to the equilateral triangles means drawing it very small and this is what I want to do. So I tried to draw the Tripoli very freely on the round tiles. I like it this way.







  1. Beautiful, the gold one looks very special. I too found the new Paris tangle. I agree with you we can't seem to stop the wars.

  2. I like both versions here and I spent quite some time looking at the first one - it mesmerises me.

  3. Thanks for sharing you thoughts and using Paris. I think you did very well.

  4. Beautiful work! Greetings, Anja