Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Diva's Weekly Challenge #243

According to my terrible reading ability, I think Laura has given us a challenge with space: it’s to intentionally leave the majority of your tile empty.

This is a prefect challenge for my situation right now. I sold my apartment and have had to pack all my stuff, send it all somewhere, and then leave Taipei in one week — I don’t have enough time to draw a complicate tile, haha!

The first one is a huge Purk…… However it’s maybe too big and without too much empty space left.

The second one was with two Featherfall. I drew only one feather first, but felt something was missing. I added one more feather to give the tile a little bit more weight. I am not a fan of organic pattern (sorry I don’t know how to say the kinds of pattern like Mooka, Finery, Featherfall or Henna Drum in English, but they are not geometrical patterns. If anyone could tell me, I would really appreciate it.) But drawing this pattern with Sakura-Brush is very beautiful.

My favorite tile is the (top) Renaissance tile! I learned the pattern "Heartfully" today actually. I just love it, do you?

Thank you for visiting! I have to continue to pack more things. Next week I will be in Toronto, my summer is finally over and winter is coming.










  1. Firstly, yes, organic is the right word for those patterns. Secondly, are you really trying to convince us you don't like doing them, and yet you do them so well? lovely work.

    1. Thank you for answer! hahaha......In Taiwan many CZTs love organic patterns and they teach mostly organic patterns......one of my CZTs even spent one class(2 hours) for drawing the featherfall.......I should be good with it after 2 hours :p I am personally a Mooka fan but like geometrical patterns more.

  2. Your featherfall is amazing, I admire how you have got it to look so feather like. I know the purpose of the pattern is to look like that but mine never does, In answer to your question, yes I love Heartswell - a fabulous pattern that I can't stop drawing.

    1. Thank you for comment. One of my CZT is really a master of drawing feather, I learned a lot from her.

      She told us don't use Sakura01 but Sakura-Brush, maybe you would like to try next time?

  3. Oh, that heartswell is just amazing. The highlighting, the flow and curly ness...so so pretty

  4. Very beautiful!

  5. I like what you did; they are all looking 'friendly' and elegant. Success with the moving.

  6. Just beautiful. Both are spectacular.

  7. They are all so soft and flowing, so ORGANIC!!! You are a master at these! The first is my favorite, with the beautiful shading and highlights. Good luck with your move!

  8. Beautiful work, and I specially love the first one - gorgeous colour! (And Welcome to Toronto!)