Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Diva's Weekly Challenge #242

I should be on an airplane to Toronto right now, but I am still sitting in front of my table and tangling. Some big news happened in my life, and I have to change my plans. At this moment, I really appreciate Zentangle, which is a good way of helping me come down and face these changes. 

This week’s challenge is Gourdgeous, which just showed up on the official newsletter. When I saw it, I tried to practice it and very soon decided this is defiantly not my pattern…… then I saw the challenge subject. So, never try to avoid something you don’t like, because it will eventually come to you, hah!

However, for me, any pattern could combine with Purk. Here is the one.

Thank you for visiting and if you never saw it, I would like to prefer my last week's works to you, haha....



失敗了幾次,只好乾脆把放大圖樣當暗線,畫回自己最擅長的東西 :p



  1. Beautiful zendala, very nice work

  2. Wow, you did make Gourdgeous look gorgeous!

  3. Gourdgeous is NOT my favorite pattern either, but I really love what you did with it. Not just the Purk, but also the way the gourd "sits" on the background you drew. Really nice!