Wednesday, November 25, 2015

茶色圓磚的地獄修行1。Hellish Practicing of Renaissance Zendala









This week, I started to practice Renaissance Zendala with a pre-strung tile that already had the ‘inspiring string’ drawn on it.This tile comes from a set that has nine different strings in total.I would like to finish them in 2 weeks but its challenging. 

The first and second tiles already killed most of my brain cells. With string my imagination was limited and I had to think about how to draw more then before. So you can see in the third one I didn’t draw any complicated patterns anymore. I think I couldn’t do another Zendala with ‘inspiring string’ so soon again if I wanted to.

When I bought those paper tiles from my CZT, she asked me “are you sure you want to directly practice with official paper tiles? You are just starting to learn how tangling with the Renaissance tiles.” I said yes.

Most people learning Zentangle don’t like to use the official tiles because they’re too expensive, which they are, but I still like to use them. One tile costs about 1 CAD dollar; yes, it’s a lot!! However, most people in Taiwan buy a cup of bubble tea for the same price on the street everyday, and in Toronto a stamp for international postage costs over two dollars and fifty cents. Since the tea is bad for me and the stamps are gone anyways, at least a finished tile is forever. And it’s beautiful, isn’t it?


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