Wednesday, October 7, 2015

別人的臉。Others' faces

The face came from Mr.Goat





In the ZIT class, the teacher let us tangle with a face. First one was made with a model’s face—too fashion—I don’t like it. So I tried another face, which I cut from a calling card of a Taiwanese illustrator, Mr. Goat, to tangle. It really closed my style and I really like it. I admit that I originally would like draw the brushwork of imitates yayoi Kusama, but this will be never happened. 

A lot people, who are learning Zentangle, always say they got some comprehends of life from Zentangle. How about me? I don’t. I already got too much comprehends in my whole life and written about them a lot, so I’d rather got no more.

Since learning Zentangle, Zac thought I become sluggisher, I may be. It’s not only in the daily actions, but also in thinking and in writing.

However, it’s make me happier too.


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