Saturday, October 10, 2015

"It's a String Thing" #113

Today is the National Day of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Here I feel I may to clarify that 'Republic of China' is not China, although there is a “China” in the name, and Taiwan doesn’t belong to China at all. So our National Day is 10th October, not the first of October like in China.

It's confusing, I know.

Anyway, it's a long holiday with raining and crowds—a perfect excuse to stay at home and draw more Zentangle.

So I tried to join another challenge, “It’s string thing,” which is hosted by CZT Adele Bruno, who came from the US.

The challenge begins with TanglePatterns String 113 by Melodie Hampshire, and then uses three patterns: Hollibaugh, 2-n-5 and Pots-n-pans. Hollibaugh is my favor and first pattern, but the other two are totally new to me.

I draw Pots-n-pans in two different ways. One is original, and another where I combine with Fassett. Does anyone find they are actually reversed?

I like Adele's idea that we don't see any other's tile until next Tuesday and this rule lets me feel more relaxed.


這是美國的CZT Adele Bruno所主持的挑戰" It's string thing",每個星期二她會公布指定暗線和圖樣,星期六晚上以前email給她,她會在星期一憑一己之力把投稿者的作品整理公佈。

指定的暗線和圖樣都是從萬能的禪繞百科網站Tangle Patterns而來,這次的圖樣中,Hollibaugh(立體公路)幾乎是每個台灣禪繞課的第一個圖樣,不然也是第二,我一直以為是個官方圖樣,沒想到不是,參加挑戰也可以長知識呢。

另外還有2-n 5和Pots-n pans,我對前者沒什麼感覺,後者倒是挺可愛的,一連畫了兩個當主角,其中一個做了二圖合一,加了愛用的Fassett進去,可惜畫到後來線條還是走錯了,不然我想會是挺銳利的圖樣。


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