Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Diva's Weekly Challenge #240

The subject of Diva’s challenge #240 is “be inspired by the season.” In the past few years I have lived in Berlin and Toronto, and autumn is the best season there: no heat anymore, the leaves turn red, and baby blue sky with cirrus clouds. However if not for the challenge’s subject, I would not even realize autumn is coming in Taiwan— the trees in Taipei city are still full green.

There are only summer and winter in Taiwan and summer seems longer and longer these days. That does not mean we don’t have fall colors. If you drive a car to the mountains over 1200m high, you will get beautiful foliage and huge crowds of people.

Although I didn’t know autumn had arrived but I do know it is currently Hanlu (寒露, literally: “cold dew”), the 17th of 24 solar term in East-Asian calendar. In the Gregorian calendar, it usually begins around October 8 and ends around October 23.

During this term the occasional monsoons start to affect Taiwan. The weather is not hot like summer, but because the temperature changes dramatically day and night, and the air becomes wetter, it the season for influenza and allergic rhinitis. My husband, Zac, and I are suffering with it.

That’s why when I saw the challenge, I thought: ok, it’s time to try to practice some “dew.” I never did this before. In Chinese we say autumn is the season for fruit, so I use “Poke Roots” as a frame. I am not the big fan of ZIA but I like it here with Hanlu’s Chinese characters; it looks exotic.

Last weekend I took a class with Renaissance tiles with another 3 CZTs#17 and I like the natural color of them. Using black, brown and white to draw is a new challenged for me, but I am really enjoying it.

I took Antonine’s advice and didn’t think too much when I drew this tile. I finished it without any anxiety, how wonderful! Thank you for sharing, guys, I am learning a lot.

My first Renaissance tiles 因為中間太醜所以塗黑





I am so sorry to hear that you feel tense when you do these tangle challenges. Yes, I'm sure it is because there is too much thinking. When I was at CZT training, I mentioned something to Rick about challenges, and he snorted "Challenges! That's like competitive meditation!" I am learning to use them as tools for myself to take me somewhere new.




  1. Beautiful work. Your composition and use of negative space is very powerful.

  2. Excellent pieces. I love the Poke Root, and the Renaissance tile looks quite dramatic with the bold center.

  3. Your dew drops and the pokeroot frame are lovely. The aura around them is such a clever idea too.

  4. Wow, I love this Pokeroot zia. Hope you and your husband feel better soon. Thanks for your story about Taiwan, I love to know how things are in other parts of the world.

  5. Wow! Both are beautiful but my favorite is the first one :)

  6. Your tiles are beautiful. I had the pleasure of visiting Taiwan in 1997, including Sun Moon Lake. I bet the foliage up there is magnificent.