Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Diva's Weekly Challenge #239

Hi, guys, thank you for all feedback last week!

Ich hoffe dass ich die Artikel auf Deutsch schreiben Könnte, aber ich habe richtig kein Deutsch mehr gesprochen, als ich mich mit meinem Mann, wer aus Kanada kommt, getroffen habe. Trotzdem würde ich immer gerne eine Deutsche Nachricht von Euch bekommen.

Ok, now with English.

Under #237, Margaret wrote that she was amazed that I wasn't really happy with my work. Since I started learning Zentangle, this is one thing I found that Taiwanese couldn’t real relax when they do something new. We just couldn’t enjoy ourselves unless we feel very professional. I guess it’s derived from some kind of East-Asian education system.

This is a new experience to me, because before I started tangling, I was known for my unrestrained attitude.

However, I get tension when I tangle. Maybe it’s because I never drew anything over the past 20 years of my life. I am still learning how to relax and enjoy my zentangles. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

So back to this week’s challenge. The Diva's Weekly Challenge #239 is to use Molly's tangle “Munchin.” 

This is my first time using Munchin. I drew the first one on a white tile. I have no idea how to use Munchin for a major pattern, so I just drew from the edge to the inside. Then I tried dyeing with black tea and the result was not obvious. I decided to put down the white one and try a black one.



On the black tile, they look like they should be there……haahaa. In another way, I learned Rixty is not a appropriate pattern on black tile, because the ink of the white pen is difficult to control unless I draw it bigger.   


I would also like to share my second round tile class. My CTZ let us draw “paradox full of the globe.” If I am scared of any pattern, it’s paradox. After I finished this tile, my right wrist started to hurt. 

I just learned round tiles for two weeks, but I really like them. You can seethe works from my first class.

Thank you for reading long text. See you next week.    





  1. I love your Munchin tile. It is so interesting to look at.

  2. Wow, I love your tiles. I don't find the challenges as zen as when I relax and draw other tiles. This is because I spend ages looking things up and trying things out. Maybe this is why you get tense. I love your results anyway they are beautifully drawn. Your English is even more amazing

  3. Wow, WOW, your Paradox is gorgeous, I can hardly believe it's your first time drawing that one :-) Your Muchin is also beautiful. I do hope you will be able to enjoy the relaxing feeling of zentangle because I think that will add a good feeling to your life.

  4. All are beautiful! Especially I like the first one ... wonderful shading!

  5. Very clever and nice use of Munchin! Love it!

  6. I am so sorry to hear that you feel tense when you do these tangle challenges. Yes, I'm sure it is because there is too much thinking. When I was at CZT training, I mentioned something to Rick about challenges, and he snorted "Challenges! That's like competitive meditation!" I am learning to use them as tools for myself to take me somewhere new. Anyway, I LOVE your black tile! I think the Rixty looks great! Working with a pattern that is not a straight line one helps you learn to manipulate that white ink. You have to sort of pool it and drag it around. I'm learning as I go. You will too!

  7. Love your black tile with the Rixty rambling through the Munchin.