Thursday, October 8, 2015

Diva's Weekly Challenge #238

I don’t know as a beginner if it’s too early to join the Diva’s Weekly Challenge, but I so want join it. For me it's really amazing that a challenge has kept going for four years. I believe I could learn a lot from this challenge.

The challenge #238 is "Tei-Bee", which is found by Beate Winkler from Germany.

This work made me understand the meaning of “unexpected results”. My plan was to make a Tri-Bee frame, and I was really satisfied with this bingeing. However, an idea flashed through my head and I decided making another flower with this pattern and joining them with “Beadline”.

But the result is totally not like I imagined it at all. I had to do something to make a focus for my painting. So I drew some color—this was a real tragedy. It taught me that purple is a dangerous color. NEVER USE PURPLE unless you totally know what you are doing.

Finally, I drew each brim of the leafs with the white pen. It surprised me, because it seems better.

So, this is my first challenge. If anyone visits here, I warmly hope you will enjoy it and I welcome any feedback and suggestions.

2015.10.10. Update. I love Tei-Bee so much and draw another one with black and white. :p

發現了一個從2011年至今,已經持續238週的禪繞挑戰:the Dica's Weekly Challenge。好多禪繞愛好者參與這個活動三、四年,實在太有毅力了。這個挑戰目前的運作方式是每個月的第一天由主辦人Dvia出題,其他週則是別的參與者投稿,每週一公布圖樣或指定創作方式,有一個星期的時間來創作。

於是,這個星期我默默地加入挑戰,本週主題是由來自住在漢堡的CZT Beate Winkler發現的『Tri-Bee』,所以我還默默地複習一下德文。









  1. Everybody can join the challenges and your tile is so fantastic! Very nice composition. I love it. I hope we will see more tiles in the next weeks ;-))

  2. Welcome to this community!! And no, it's certainly not too early to jump in, it NEVER is. Your tile is very beautiful and I'm glad you already found the real zentangle thing. It never goes as you did think it would. The outcome is (almost) always a big (and pleasant) surprise.

  3. What a beautiful tile! I like the touch of colour!
    Welcome to this community!

  4. I'm amazed that you weren't really happy with this - I think it's lovely and the colour helps focus the eye on the flower. Keep tangling, you're going to love it.

  5. I really like this tile! Such a fun one!