Wednesday, September 23, 2015

畫明信片壹和貳。Postcard#1 & #2





This was my first time using colored pencils. I just doodled and didn't consider about the chromatology. However, after finishing the work, I found there some light "nostalgia,"  like the funky filter called "nostalgia" for photos on your smartphone. This came as a surprise. I think any art form will find its way out.

I drew this postcard for my mother-in-law. She joined “postcrossing” because she saw I often got a lot of postcards from all over the world. I already taught her how to print a postcard via online shop. Zac said, if I sent her one, she'd flip out (in a good way). Maybe I should write “No.1” on it?

Every time I see my classmates' work, I lose some self-confidence, whereas postcards are my particular preference. Hand-making postcards for me is like writing, I take to it like a duck to water.


The second postcard will be sent to Berlin to my friend Cherry from Hong Kong. This summer I spent one month in Berlin and lived with her in the flat where I used to live. She said she's searching for direction, just like me before, but she is always looking for an opportunity to develop her skills and capabilities. This encourage me to find some new things to learn, like Zentangle.


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