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為了練習圖樣N'zeppel的變化而上網搜尋,卻發現了新圖樣Cassiopeia,這是一個德國人Monique Leschner在上課時因為畫錯N'zeppel而發展出來的新圖樣,讓我想起蜘蛛網,其實內圈線頭畫得挺亂,還好氣球加上去後整體效果還不錯。



This drawing is an art style that came from Zentangle®, which was created by Maria and Rick. I have become very captivated by it lately! More information about Zentangle® can be found on their website.

My husband and I found a spider’s nest on the wall of my workplace on the very same rainy day I started my first class. Using this finished tile as the first entry on my blog seems like a funny way to commemorate that day, although Zac doesn’t think this way (he hates spiders).

When I practiced N'zeppel, I found "Cassiopeia" which was found by Monique Leschner, a German who discovered it because she made a mistake and then turned it into a new tangle pattern. Although Cassiopeia sounds very elegant, I immediately associated this pattern with the net of "that spider" and her eggs. Actually, my lines were little bit of a mess, but the result is not bad. 

As a writer, I never thought that I would set up a blog of drawings someday. After writing a blog for over ten years, will this new blog end up a brief interlude? Or maybe a beautiful journey? I am still not sure, but I do know I will try not to write too many words here. On my other blog, I write less than 300 Chinese characters. I hope this blog is as short as that one.

AngelEggroll's Tangles is up and running!


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