Saturday, November 12, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #292

Even though most outcomes were not as I expected, I never thought there would be any work I didn't like.

Then one eventually comes!!

After those 2 ribbon, I don't know what I should put on, so I put the EAXY, which is the subject of Diva's Challenge of this week. Somehow I lost the way and also seemed very strange here. If this was independent tile, it might be good, however, it unfortunately didn't combine with another part.

I really think the Opus tile is not my thing. There probably wont be a second one.

Anyway, I have been starting my Zentangle class in Toronto since 3 weeks ago. I was really lucky getting some student who are Mandarin nervier speakers. My wish is I could teach in English next year......hope that's not to ambitious. Here are the works of my student from the first and second classes.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Zentangle®,中文譯為禪繞畫,風靡美加的藝術界和退休界(?),也在東亞和東南亞華語地區廣為流傳。禪繞畫的創始人是Rick Roberts與Maria Thomas,他們是一對夫妻,Rick曾以僧侶的身份生活多年,Maria則是一名植物插圖藝術家兼書寫體藝術家。Rick注意到Maria繪製裝飾字母內簡單、重覆的線條時,那種專注、平靜的狀態與冥想很像,於是兩人開始一同發展這種具有心靈療癒力的創作方式。




Saturday, July 16, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #275

Even ideals are violent.

This weekly challenge is "Give Peace a Chance", it came from Suzanne Fluhr, CZT, who lived in Dallas. Suzanne felt sad because of a series of incidents involving African Americans and US policemen.

However, after Monday the world seems like getting worse.

The red color is wine.

Recently I tangled 2 Zendala for tow old lady, one is the sister of my mother in law who had 70 years old birthday and another is the best friend of my mother in law who had 80 years old birthday and original came from Ireland.

The story was here: